Aman Lara: Pashto for Sheltered Path

We are a Canadian non-profit, established to protect and evacuate vulnerable people in Afghanistan.



Aman Lara exists to protect the most vulnerable left in Afghanistan.

Our mission is to assist with the protection and the rapid movement of vulnerable people who are eligible under the current Government of Canada Special Immigration Program. Aman Lara also cares for others who don’t meet eligibility, but who are at high risk, including former interpreters to other national missions (US), NGO and IO employees. We are a registered non-profit, established by a group of Veterans with close ties to Afghanistan.

How We Are Helping:

With an Afghan team in Kabul and an extended network of veterans and highly supportive individuals in North America and Europe, Aman Lara is coordinating evacuations and care, including medical care, vaccination programs and testing. We also support applications for the immigration program in Canada.

Due to the sensitivity of our mission, we are taking precautions to limit the amount of information we can share publicly. To schedule a call with our team, please contact:

Running Vaccination
Providing Medical
Supporting Immigration

We need your help. Please consider giving generously.


If you are an Afghan and require humanitarian assistance, contact us here.

We are working hard to make sure those who need care are provided for, which includes partnering with other established organizations.

Aman Lara is committed to protecting and respecting your privacy.